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What are the two ways to make an alkene?
1) Dehydrohalogenation (E2)
2) Acid Catalyzed Dehydration of an Alcohol
Formation of an Alkyne from a vic-dihalide
Replacement of Acetylenic hydrogen of terminal alkyne
NaNH2 in liquid NH3, then put the newly made nucleophile through an Sn2 Reaction.
Hydrogenation of an alkene
Pd or Pt metal catalyst with H2
Hydrogenation of an Alkyne
-Pd or Pt with H2 takes it to an alkane
-Lindlar's Catalyst and H2 takes it to a cis alkene
-Li or Na metals with C2H5CH2 and NH4Cl take it to a trans alkene
What are the three methods of synthesizing alcohols?
1) Acid Catalyzed Hydration an Alkene
2) Oxymercuration-Demercuration
3) Hydroboration-Oxidation