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Carbon and its role in life
Carbon Atom: 4 electrons in its outer energy level.

When bonded, molecules can look like chains or rings.
Isomers and polimers are...
Isomers- Compounds that have the same formulas but different structures.
Polymers- The general name for a large molecule formed when many smaller molecules band together.
The different types of carbohydrates are...
Carbs- Organic compound made of- C, H, & O with a ratio of 2 H for each carbon & oxygen
*Monosaccharide-Simple sug.
*Polysaccharide-Made of mono.
Lipid are...
They are used for...
Def-Organic compounds that have many more C & H than O.
-Used for storage, insulation, and protective coatings
Protein is...
It is made from...
Def- Large complex polymer compsed of C,H,O,N & sulfur
-Amino acids:Basic building blocks of all proteins
Enzymes are...
They are important because...
Def-A protein that changes the rate of a chemical reaction.
-They are involed with narly every chemical reacton in the metabolism
Nucleic acids are...
They are made of...
Def-Big molecules that store lifes information in the form of code (genetic code)
-Made of C,H,O,N & phosphorus