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What is Chemistry?
The study of matter
What is matter?
anything that has mass and occupies space
What is an atom?
matter made up of tiny particles
Whats an element?
composed of one type of atom and cannot be broken down
What are compounds?
Two or more elements combined chemically ex. CO2, H20, Hcl
What is a mixture?
two or more substances combined pyhsically
ex. homogenous, heterogenious
What is a solid?
Definite shape, definite volume
Whats a gas?
No deffinite shape, no definite volume. Takes shape and volume of container
What is a pyhsical property or matter?
a property that can be observed without the substance changing
ex. five senses
What is a chemical property of matter?
Describes the behavior of the substance undergoing a reaction.
What is density?
Density is mass divided by volume
What is the metric conversions order?
Kilo, hecta, deka, (middle), deci, centi, milli