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Chemial Requirements
carbon, nitrogen, sulfur, phosphorus, Are needed in large amounts for microbial growth.
What organisms require Carbon
All organisms require a carbon source. Chemoheterotrophs use organic molecules.
Autotrophs use co2
Needed for protein synthesis and nucleic acid synthesis.
Nitrogen is obtained from decompositon of proteins.
On the basis of Oxygen requirements organisms are classified
Obligate aerobes - Require o2 to live
Faculatative Anaerobes
Require NO 02.
Obligate Anaerobes-
Bacteria unable to use 02. Most are harmed by it. Eg. Tetanus, Botulish``
Aerotolerant anaerobesd-
Cannot use 02 for growth
Require 02 only grow in 02 concentrations lower than in air.