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the study of composition, structure, properties of matter, and the changes it undergoes
Personal Protective Equipment
used to flush chemicals off of body
saftey shower
flush chemicals that have been splashed in the eyes
eye wash
device common to chemistry labs designed to keep hazardous fumes out of he room air by exhausting them out of the building before anyone can potentially breathe them
fume hood
gloves used to protect hands from chemicals that are corrosive
nitrile gloves
used to protect eyes during a lab
electronic stove used to heat glass in lab
hot plate
collection of supplies and equipmentused to help in emergency
first aid kit
manually operated device for extenguishing fires
fire extenguisher
used to smother flames that may have been ignited; made from wool and flame reisstant material
fire blanket
notfies you if there is a fire
fire alarm
what you yell when there is an emergency
code one
A change in which the physical form (or state) of a substance, but not its composition, is altered.
Physical Changes
Any property of a substance that can be observed without transforming the substance into some other substance.
Physical Properties
A change in which a substance is converted into a substance with different composition and properties.
Chemical Changes
Any property of a substance that cannot be studied without converting the substance into some other substance.
Chemical Properties
the ratio of mass to volume
the variable which is manipulated
Independent variable
the variable which depends on the independent variable
Dependent Variable
a value calculated by subracting the expeiremental vamule from the accepted value, dividing the difference by the accepted value, and then multiplying it by 100
Percent Error
the amount of space occupied by an object
a unit that is a combination of SI base units
derived Unit
the closeness of measurements to the correct or accepted value of the quantity measured
the closeness of a set of measurements of te same quantity made in the same way
measure of amount of matter
any digit in a measurement that is known with certainty plus one final digit, which is somewhat uncertain or is estimated
signifigant figures
the measurement system accepted world wide
SI units
numbers written in the form of Mx10^n where the factor M represents a number greater than or equal to 1 but less than 10 and n is a whole number
scientific notation
A ration derived from the equality between two different units that can be used to convert from one unit to another
conversion factors
smallest unit of matter that retians the property of the element; anything on the periodic table is an ______(118)
atoms with the same properties; anything is an ___________ on the periodic table
any substance composed of 2 or more atoms; elements and non-metals are ____________
a blend of two or more types of matter, each which retains its own identity and properties
a substance that has a ficed composition and differs from a mixture in that every sample of a given pure substance has exactly that same characteristic properties and composition
Pure Substance
carried out for the sake of increasing knowledge, sch as why or how a specific reaction occurs and what the properties of a substance are
basic research
caried out to solve a problem
applied research
production and use of products tat improve quality of life
technological development
depend on the amount of matter that is present
Extensive properties
do not depend on the amount of matter that is present
intensive properties