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What are Valence Electrons
electrons in outer most energy level
What determines the chemical properties of the element?
The number of valence electrons
gain electrons to get a - charge.
lose electrons to get a + charge
What noble gas configuration does the Chloride Ion attain?
Ionic compounds have what type of bonds formed when what are lost or gained
ionic, electrons
ionic compounds are usually SOLIDS with a HIGH melting point
ionic compounds are composed of METALand NONMETAL elements from the RIGHT and LEFT sides of the periodic table.
what are metallic bonds
bonds that form between +metallic ions and valence electrons
why do transition metals attain a pseudonobel gas configuration and not a nobel gas configuration as it forms cation?
ions with three or greater are uncommon and it would need 7 or 11. they can't lose or gain electrons in the 'd' to have the octet.
what does a chemical formula represent
a chem. formula shows the kinds and numbers of atoms in a compound.
a chemical SYMBOL represents one of atoms of that element.
anions end in IDE ina compound. cations end in the same name as element
what are polyatomic ions
tightly bounded groups of atoms that behave as a unit and carry a charge. i.e. ClO2-. most end it ite or ate. (cyanide and hydroxide) (ammonium)