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gain of e-
loss of e-
oxi is lossing
Reduc is gaining
oxidizing agent
becomes reduced (gain) oxidize someting eles
reducing agent
becomes oxidized (loss) reduce someting eles
oxidation # of element in its standard form is
oxidation # of monoatomic ion is the same as its

Na+ =+1
Cl-1 = -1
oxidation # of oxygen is
oxidation # of H
except when it occurs in metal ion =-1
oxidation # of F (halogen)
oxidation # of group 1A
oxidation # of group 2A
sum of all oxidation # in compound is
sum of all oxidation # in polyatomic ion
equal to charge of the ion
oxidation # of binary compound
the element w/ higher electronegativity equal to its charge in simple ionic compound
balancing redox
1.seperate two half exn
2. balance all atom except H and O
3. acidic, use H2O for O and H for H
basic OH- for H2O and H2O for H
4. balance charge
5. two equation must have same # of e-
galvanic/voltaic cell
redox half rxn carry out in sep compartment

neg dG indicates spontaneous
postive EMP indicates spontaneuos

flow of e-, from anode to cathodel

oxidation (loss) take place in anode

reduction in cathod
electrolytic cell
postive dG and - EMF
indicates nonspontaneous
thus electrical energy is required

has battery

oxidation is at anode but
anode is postive means positive side of the battery is connected to the anode
Faraday's law
amt of oxidation reduction rxn occuring in electrolytic cell is propotinal to amt of current passing through
electrodes (an ox, red cat)
oxidation happens at the anode (an Ox)
reduction happens at the cathode (red cat)
reduction potential
more postive the potential the greater tendency to be reduce
electromotive force (EMF)
EMF = Ered + Eox

E=red potential and ox potential
more positive EMF more negative dG thus more favorable it is