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Lithium ion
Li +1
Sodium ion
Na +1
Potassium ion
K +1
Rubidium ion
Rb +1
Cesium ion
Cs +1
Magnesium ion
Mg +2
Calcium ion
Ca +2
Strontium ion
Sr +2
Barium ion
Ba +2
Aluminum ion
Al +3
Zinc ion
Zn +2
Silver ion
Ag +1
Hydride ion
H -1
Flouride ion
F -1
Chloride ion
Cl -1
Bromide ion
Br -1
Iodide ion
I -1
Chromium (II) ion
Cr +2
Chromium (III) ion
Cr +3
Iron (II) ion
Fe +2
Iron (III) ion
Fe +3
Cobalt (II) ion
Co +2
Cobalt (III) ion
Co +3
Copper (I) ion
Cu +1
Copper (II) ion
Cu +2
Mercury (I) ion
Hg2 +2
Mercury (II) ion
Hg +2
Tin (III) ion
Sn +2
Lead (II) ion
Pb +2
Oxide ion
O -2
Sulfide ion
S -2
Nitride ion
N -3