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oxidizing agent. Species that is reduced.
reducing agent. Species that is oxidized.
voltaic (galvanic cell)
uses spontaneous redox reactions to produce electricity.
Equation relating Gibbs free energy to electromotive force
G = -nFE
Equation relating Gibbs free energy to equilibrium constant (K)
G = -RT ln K
Equation relating electromotive force to equilibrium constant (K)
nFE = RT ln K
Nernst equation relating nonstandard emf to standard emf and reaction quotient Q
E = E(std) - (RT/nF) ln Q
Fuel cell
Voltaic cells that utilize redox reactions where reactants need be continually supplied.
Self contained electrochemical power source that contains 1 or more voltaic cell.
cathodic protection
protecting a metal by putting it in contact with another metal that is more easily oxidized.