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Positive ions
Lithium ion Li+
Sodium ion Na+
Potassium ion K+
Rubidium ion Rb+
Cesium ion Cs+
Magnesium ion Mg 2+
Calcium ion Ca 2+
Strontium ion Sr 2+
Barium ion Ba 2+
Aluminium ion Al 3+
Zinc ion Zn 2+
Silver ion Ag +
Chromoim(II)ion Cr 2+
Chromium(III)ion Cr 3+
Iron(II)ion Fe 2+
Iron(III)ion Fe 3+
Cobalt(II)ion Co 2+
Cobalt(III)ion Co 3+
Copper(I)ion Cu+
Copper(II)ion Cu 2+
Mercury(I)ion Hg(2)2+
Mercury(II)ion Hg 2+
Tin(II) ion Sn 2+
Lead(IIion Pb 2+
Negative ions
Hydride ion H-
Flouride ion F-
Chloride ion Cl-
Bromide ion Br-
Iodide ion I-
Oxide ion O 2-
Sulfide ion S 2-
Nitride ion N 3-
Binary Molecular Compounds
BCl3 boron trichloride
CCl4 carbon tetrachloride
CO carbon monoxide
CO2 carbon dioxide
NO nitrogen monoxide
NO2 nitrogen dioxide
N2O dinitrogen oxide
N2O3 dinitrogen trioxide
N2O4 dinitrogen tetroxide
N2O5 dinitrogen pentoxide
PCl3 phosphorus trichloride
PCl5 phosphorus pentachloride
SF6 suphur hexaflouride
Common Polyatomic ions
Ammonium ion
NH4+ NH4Cl

Acetate ion
S2H3O2- NaC2H3O2

Carbonate ion
CO3(2-) Na2CO3

Hydrogen Carbonate ion

Hypochlorite ion
ClO- NaClO

Chlorite ion
ClO2- NaClO2

Chlorate ion
ClO3 NaClO3

Perchlorate ion
ClO4 NaClO4
Common Polyatonic ions continued
Chromate ion
CrO4- Na2CrO4

Dichromate ion
Cr2O7(2-) Na2ClO4

Cyanide ion

Hydroxide ion

Nitrite ion
NO2- NaNO2

Nitrate ion
NO3- NaNO3

Oxalate ion
C2O4(2-) Na2C2O4

Permanganate ion
MnO4(2-) NaMnO4

Phosphate ion
PO4(3-) Na3PO4

Sulfite ion
SO3(2-) Na2SO3

Sulfate ion
SO4(2-) Na2SO4

Thiosulate ion
S2O3(2-) Na2S2O3