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Where are backups saved to? (P117)
What format are the back up files saved in
Whats types of information canbe backed up? (P118)
1. All settings performed by WebUI

2. Network Configuration Data

3. Database of user settings
What information does the scheduling status pane display? (P119)
1. Enabled
2. Backup to
3. Start at
4. Recur every
What command is used to restore a back up?
Can you restore backups saved on newer versions of SecurePlatform onto an older SecurePlatform version?
If you choose to restore an older version of secure platform what settings will be restored?
Only system settings.
How do you execute a immediate backup using WebUI?
Click Backup now.
What tool gathers all system information to assist in trouble-shooting?
What directory contains Rule Bases, objects, and the user database?
What directory contains the import and export tools?
What directory are the log files kept in?
What file includes a section of properties that affects VPN-1 behavior?
What objects and data exist in the objects_5_0.c file?
network objects, server objects, service objects, time objects, and other misc data.
when is the objects_5_0.c file modified?
when global and local properties are changed or when the DBEdit utility is used.
What is used to create the objects.c file?
objects_5_0.c file.
What is the object.c file used for?
it is passed to the gateway and contains information required for the gateways operation.
Where are the objects_5_0.c file and objects.c file located?
When is objects.C created?
When a Security Policy is installed on the Security Gateway.
What file contains rules and auditing information about modifications made to the Rule Base?
where is the rulebases_5_0.fws located?
What can be extracted from rulebases_5_0.fws?
All created rule bases.
What file contains all VPN-1 users and groups? (P125)
where is the fwauth.NDB file located? (P125)
$FWDIR/conf and $FWDIR/database
What command do you run to export users from the VPN-1 user database on the SmartCenter Server?
fwm dbexport
What should you do before upgrading?
Backup using upgrade_export
Where is the upgrade_export.exe file located?
Access to SCP is controled by editing what file?
what are the two permission levels using SecurePlateform Command Shell?
Standard and Expert Modes
how do you enter expert mode?
expert command
How do you list the available commands?
either use ? or --help
What does the fw command do?
provides a series of commands and tools for the administrator to pass commands to the VPN-1 kernel that are not necessarily available via the GUI
what does cpstat do?
Displays check points current state of applications on the local gateway or a remote gateway
how do you add a persistant ARP entry
how do you remove arp entries created by add arp
What are the two primary utilities that provide interactive menu options for all configuration aspects
sysconfig and cpconfig
When is it useful to back up information?
When the current configuration stops working, it may be necessary to revert or restore to a previous system state.

When upgrading to a newer version
what is fw monitor
A built in utility used to capture network packets at multiple capture points
what is fw unloadlocal
used to detach the local FW policy
what is the difference between backup command and snapshot command
snapshot back up the entire operating system

backup reproduces the system configuration settings only.