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How common is CHD?
16% of all immune HA's; not so very common
What are 2 forms of CHD?
Acute or chronic
What Ab class causes CHD?
Which type of CHD is better?
What are 3 causes of Acute CHD?
1. Lymphoprolif disorders
2. Mcoplasma pneumonia
3. Infectious mono
in whom is CHRONIC CHD commonly seen?
Elderly, during cold weather
What are the DAT results for CHD?
Reacts only with Complement, so:
Poly = 2-3+
Mono = 0
C3 = 2-3+
Ctrl = 0
What are the IAT reactions seen in CHD?
IS = 4+
37 = 3+
IAT= 0-3+
What is the most common SPECIFICITY of the antibody causing CHD?
When the occasional anti-i is seen causing CHD, why is it?
Infectious mono
What are the typical symptoms of CHD?
-Mild chronic anemia
-Occasional jaundice/pallor
When is episodic hemolysis seen in CHD?
Upon cold exposure
Is CHD treatable?
Not really; just stay warm.