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When did the Chavin culture commence and how do we know that they were indeed a culture?

recognizable; had unifying religion with a distinct and striking art style. This was spread across previously highly regionalised valleys.
Where did the Chavin first emerge?
Chavin de Huantar

Like the Olmec, brought together large and geographically broad pop. under banner of a single religious if not political entity.
What were the common Chavin motifs?
Felines (poss. jaguars)
raptorial birds
Staff god-a deity holding two
What Chavin artifacts have been discovered?
Intricately woven textiles with motifs woven from hairs of domesticated camelids.

Hammered 3D gold objects; evidence of soldering and sweat welding and decoration technique of repousse.

Silver-gold alloys - hallmark of S. America seen for first time.
What were the characteristics of Chavin de Huantar?
- Along natural trade and transportation route b/w highland valleys, coast and interior tropical forest. (excess wealth generated by wealth)
- by 2500B.P. ceremonial center grew to become one of earliest urban centers in S.America.
-houses and neighbourhoods were constructed according to a plan.
-drainage system
-temples and huge storage facilities.
Why did the Chavin art style spread?
common and unifying religion;
- Facilitated trade b/w various groups
- spread of technology and new social patterns brough people together.
How did a differentiated class emerge?
Those in position to control trade and info.= 1st members of differentiated class of people who lived in larger houses, propitiated the gods and monopolised key symbols of power.
What kind of empire did Richard Burger believe the Chavin were?
Religious empire, not political

Their symbols were very similar to the Olmec
What are the three main sites of the Chavin?
Chavin de Huantar, Huaca Florida, El Paraiso
What were two Chavin innovations?
Mummy bundles at Pisco Paracas

Metallurgy - Chavin de Huantar
What were the main structures at Chavin de Huantar?
Large plaza-temple complex.

two u shaped temples; one gallery has a huge monolith.