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What state is Sunnydale farm located?
What animal is Aiden's least favorite on the farm?
What was the Falconer's last name changed to?
The falconer parents were in a prison in what state?
What charge were the Falconers arrested on?
Passing classified information to enemies of the state
What were the first animals Aiden thought to save?
Who came to save Meg from the fire?
Whose idea was it to run away from Sunnydale after the fire?
What type of dog did they meet at the farmhouse?
An oversize German Shephard
What was the German Shephard's name?
What state were Meg and Aiden trying to reach?
Who is Frank Lindenauer?
The Falconer's contact with the CIA
After taking the bikes, where did Meg and Aiden plan to go?
Vermont, East
What was the name of the FBI agent that put the Falconers away for life?
Emmanuel Harris
Why did Jimmy help Aiden and Meg?
He was a former inmate at Sunnydale
Where did Meg and Aiden hide to avoid the helicopter?
Under a railroad bridge.
Who did Meg and Aiden meet at the rain station in Gibbon?
Where was Miguel heading?
To his brother's house in Jersey
In his dream, Aiden, remembered the town in Vermont. What was it?
Aiden thought the only way to suvive as a fugative was to do what?
Break more laws.
What kind of shoes did Miguel take from the MacKinnon's?
Ladies Reeboks
What kind of car did Miguel steal?
Black Chevy Tahoe
How did Aiden propose to get gas for the SUV?
He tried to siphon it from other trucks
Who was Miguel convicted of manslaughter for?
His stepfather
How did Miguel's stepfather die?
Miguel pushed him down the stairs
What was Miguel's brothers first name?
What happened to Miguel when he met with his brother?
His brother told him he had to leave.
When the trio was caught at the motel, how did they escape?
Through the bathroom window.
Where did the trio hide after escaping the motel?
In a sailboat
Where had Aiden hidden the cigar box?
By the foot of the desk behind the panelling
What happened to Miguel at the house in Colchester?
He was shot by the assassin
When questioned, what did Miguel tell agent Harris?
He was alone and didn't know Meg and Aiden.
How did Meg and Aiden escape from the FBI?
They borrowed an ATV
What clue did they discover in the picture?
The name of the Motel where Uncle Frank had been staying
Where was Sunnydale Farm located?
County Road 412
Who was trying to milk the cow?
Aiden Falconer
What was Sunnydale Farm?
Department of Juvenile Corrections
What did Aiden call the "residents"?
What was the one simple principle of Sunydale Farm?
no free time
How long was the school day?
7 hours
What did they call lunch?
What time did they wake up?
What time was lights out?
How many boys were there?
How many girls were there?
What did they do when they weren't in school?
farm chores
Who are the Falconer children?
Aiden and Meg
How old is Aiden?
How old is Meg?
6th grade (11)
Who hits Aiden with a feed bag?
Miguel Reyes
What is the nickname of the supervisor named Ray
What is the new last name of Aiden and Meg
Where are the senior Falconers?
Prison in Florida
What date were the Falconers arrested?
What were they charged with
passing classified info to enemies of the state
What did the parents do for a living?
What else did Mr. Falconer do?
wrote detective novels
Who recruited them into the CIA?
Family friend, Frank Lindenaur
What did they do for the CIA?
developed profiles to help identify terrorists
Why couldn't Frank get them out of trouble?
he disappeared
Who is first in the TV watching pecking order?
Latrell Chambers, Miguel, Gary Donovan
Who suggested that they burn the place down?
Miguel Reyes
What does Miguel call Aiden
What do the supervisors call seeing to the animals overnight?
turndown service
Who was Aide with when the barn caught fire?
How did Aiden get Meg out of her room?
wet blankets
Where did Aiden get the blanket idea from
Dad's book-The Case of the Pharoh's Mask
Where is Sunnydale Farm
What did Aiden have on when they ran
the orange jumpsuit
What did Meg have on when they ran
her pj's
Where did they get regular clothes
clothesline on a farm
What else did they steal from the farm besides clothes
What do they decide to do to help clear their parents
find Frank Lindenauer
What did Aiden think he had to help find Frank
a picture
Where we they going to go in order to find the picture
summerhouse in Vermont
Who is checking to see if the Falconers are among the missing from Sunnydale
Agent Emanuel Harris, FBI
why do they go into the mini mart
to check the map
Where were they according to the map
Buffalo County,Nebraska
How do they decide they are going to get to Vermont
railroad tracks on the map
Where do they have to go to get the train
Gibbon, Nebraska
Who helped them get away after they ran from the mini mart
the teenager who worked there
What did he bring them
Did Aiden eat the whole sandwich
no - only half
Did Meg eat the whole sandwich
What did they hear as they ran through the field
Where did they hide from the helicopter
metal bridge
What happened when the train went over the bridge
they fell in the water
What bugs attacked them as they walked after falling in the water
Where did they wait while they waited for the train
train station
How did they get into the train station
broken lock
Who did they find hiding in the train station
Miguel Reyes
Where was Miguel going on the train
New jersey
Where did Aiden say they were headed
Where did Meg say they were headed
What did they eat while they waited for the train
candy from the candy machine
How did they get into the machine since they had no money
Miguel broke into it
What was the train number that pulled into Gibbon station
four forty-eight
what was the number of the car the three kids got into
What did Aiden remember from his dream
summer house was in Colchester, Vermont
How did Aiden come up with the idea of escaping from the train
Dad's book-
How did they get out so the cops didn't see them
trap door in the roof
Where did they run to after being chased from the train
house where the family was on vacation
How did they know no one was home
Miguel saw a pile of newspapers
How did Meg change her appearance
Miguel cut her hair
What did Miguel get mad at Meg for
She called him a murderer
How else did they change their appearance
Colored their hair
What did the cop think when Meg answered the door
That she was a boy
Where are the MacKinnons who own the house
Miguel found they went to Disney World
How does Miguel plan on getting them away from the cops
Steal the MacKinnons car
what kind of car did they steel
Black Chevy Tahoe
Who was driving the car
Who siphoned the gas at the truck stop
What happened when Aiden got caught
Miguel tried to leave him but Meg stopped him
How does Miguel learn who Meg and Aiden really are
on the radio
What did Miguel do to get put at Sunnydale
Shoved his stepfather down the stairs
Where is Miguel going
his brother's in Union City, New Jersey
Is Miguel's brother glad to see him
who drives the car when they leave Freddy's house
Where did they stay when they got to Colchester
Olympia Motel/ to dark
Who was checking the motel in the morning
How did they get out of the motel room
bathroom window
how did Agent Harris find out where they had gone
computer search on the FBI data base
How did he get to Colchester
Where did the kids hide
under a tarp on a sailboat
Where did Aiden hide the picture
in a cigar box in a hole in the panel
Who got a hold on Miguel
the big bald man
Who got shot
How did Aiden fight off the bald man
he dropped the muskie on his head
What did Aiden do with the gun
he threw it into Lake Champlain
Who hit the bald man with his car
Agent Harris
What do Meg and Aiden call the bald man
hairless Joe
What happened to Miguel
ambulance took him and Meg and Aiden escaped
How did they get away
ATV through the woods
What was the clue they found in the picture
motel where Uncle Frank stayed.
What was the name of the" farm" where Aiden and Meg were staying?
Sunnydale Farm
What was the one job at the farm that Aiden hated?
Milking the cows
What profession were Aiden's parents in?
Boys and girls were supposed to stay separated from each other at the farm except for two times a day. They are:
During class and at lunch.
What did Aiden call lunch time?
Gulp 'n' Gag
What was the nickname of Ray, the supervisor at the farm?
What identity did Aiden and Meg assume at Sunnydale?
Where were Aiden and Meg's parents?
In prison in Florida
What day, according to Aiden, was the day the world ended?
March 7
What were Aiden's parents charged with?
Passing classified information to enemies of the state.
How did the henhouse catch on fire?
the bag of chicken feed fell over and knocked over the kerosene lamp.
Where was Sunnydale located?
How did Aiden save Meg from the fire?
He wet two blankets in the shower, covered themselves with them and ran out through the fire to safety.
What breed of dog ran after Aiden and Meg when they were trying to steal clothes from the clothesline?
German Shepherd
What was the dogs name that chased them name?
Who did Aiden and Meg say they needed to look for in order to free their mom and dad?
Frank Lindenauer
What really was sunnydale, the "farm"?
An alternative mini-security detention facility.
Who was in the truck that came upon Aiden and Meg after they left the mini-mart on the bikes?
The teenage attendant from the gas station
How did the teenager from the gas station help Aiden and Meg?
He gave them sub sandwiches and took their bikes and planted them up north to throw everyone off their trail.
Why did Aiden and Meg run to the bridge?
To hide under it because a helicopter was searching the field.
What caused them to fall off the bridge into the water?
A train crossed the bridge and the vibrations number their bodies and they lost their grip.
Why were they headed to Gibbon?
To find the train station
Who surprised Aiden and Meg at the train station?
Miguel, from Sunnydale
What was Miguel's nickname for Aiden?
Where was the house located that Aiden was looking for that had old pictures of Uncle Frank?
Colchester, Vermont
Why did Aden, Meg and Miguel leave the boxcar through the trapdoor on the roof of the car?
Because the train had stopped and their were cops searching all the train cars.
What did Miguel do to change Aiden and Meg's appearance?
He cut their hair and dyed it a different color.
Where were the people who owned the house that the three kids broke into and hid?
Disney World
What vehicle did Miguel convince them to take from the first house they broke into?
Black Chevy Tahoe
How were they able to get gas for the Tahoe?
Aiden siphoned gas from a truck.
What was Miguel's manslaughter story?
He shoved his stepfather who fell down the stairs and then broke his neck.
Why did Miguel shove his stepfather?
He was using Miguel as a punching bag.
Where did Miguel say he was driving the Tahoe to?
His brother's place in New Jersey.
What happened when they arrived at Miguel's brother's place?
Freddy, his brother, told them to leave and that Miguel wasn't a part of their family anymore.
How many hours did it take Aiden to drive a six hour drive to Vermont?
Nine hours
After the downhill mudslide ride, what almost happened to Meg when she reached the bottom?
A big pickup truck almost ran her over.
Where did the three of them hide after the mudslide?
In a sailboat by the ferry pier.
What happened to Miguel at the cottage in Vermont?
A stranger attacked him and shot him.
Emmanuel Harris of the FBI went searching for the Aiden and Meg. What type of car did he have to squeeze his 6' 7" frame into?
A mini Cooper
The ambulance took Miguel away. How did Aiden and Meg get away from the cottage?
On an ATV