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What is a Puritan?
A group of people who wanted to change the Church of England to make it more pure.
What is a charter?
An official paper in which certain rights are given by the government to a person or business.
What is concent?
To be in agreement
What is the frontier?
Land that is beyond the settled areas.
What does the word industry mean?
It includes all the businesses that make one kind of product or provide one kind of service.
What does the export mean?
Goods going out of the country to be sold or traded.
What does the word import mean?
Goods that are brought into a country to be bought or traded.
What is a triangular trade route?
These routes connected England, the English colonies in North America, and the west coast of Africa.
What does the word refuge mean?
A safe place
What does the word immigrant mean?
A person coming to a country to make it their new home.
What is an Almanac?
A book issued once a year to help farmers know the best time to plant their crops
What does the word militia mean?
A volunteer army
What is an indentured servant?
A person who agreed to work for another pwrson without pay for a certain length of time in exchange for passage to North America.
What is a debtor?
People who were in prison because they could not pay their bills
What is an overseer?
People hired by planters to watch that their slaves as they worked, and punished them if they didn't