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Storrs, Connecticut
[University of Connecticut]
The Nu Chapter
Washington DC
[was in DC, but now students at Howard]
The Pi Chapter
Miami, Florida
[Southeastern College of Pharmacy]
The Psi Chapter
Fort Lauderdale-West Palm Beach, Florida
Florida Tri County
Iowa City, Iowa
[University of Iowa]
The Zeta Phi Chapter
Lexington, Kentucky
[University of Kentucky]
The Lambda Chapter
Baltimore, Maryland
[University of Maryland]
The Kappa Chapter
Boston, Massachusetts
[Northeastern University]
The Upsilon Chapter
Springfield, Massachusetts
Tau Chapter
[Detroit Institute of Technology]
not existing.. school closed
The Omicron Chapter
[Wayne State University]
The Phi Chapter
Big Rapids, Michigan
[Ferris State College of Pharmacy]
The Omicron Alpha Chapter
[St. Louis College of Pharmacy]
The Rho Chapter
Kansas City, Missouri
[University of Missouri School of Pharmacy]
The Epsilon Chi Chapter
Albuqurque, New Mexico
[University of New Mexico]
The Nu Mu Chapter
New Brunswick, NJ
[Rutgers University]
The Epsilon Chapter
[Columbia University]
The Zeta Chapter
Bronx, NY
[Fordham University]
The Xi Chapter
New York
[Arnold and Marie Schwartz School of Pharmacy in LIU]
The Iota Chapter
Queens, NY
[St. Johns University College of Pharmacy]
The Eta Upsilon Chapter
[University of Cincinnati]
The Eta Chapter
Cleveland, Ohio
The Theta Chapter
Toledo, Ohio
[University of Toledo]
The Sigma Chapter
Ada, Ohio
[Ohio Nothern University]
The Theta Alpha Chapter
Columbus, Ohio
[Ohio State University]
The Theta Beta Chapter
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
[Philadelphia College of Pharmacy]
The Beta Chapter
[Temple University]
The Gamma Chapter
Richmond, Virginia
[Virginia Commonwealth University School of Pharmacy]
The Omega Chi Chapter
[Used to be McGill]
The Delta Chapter
Jerusalem, Israel
[Hebrew University]
The Omega Chapter