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What are the two most commonly used scales in education?
Ordinal; Equal Interval
What kind of scale does this demonstrate: Abner, Allison, Andy, Astor
What kind of scale does this demonstrate?

Abner: 4'9"
Allison: 5'0
Andy: 5'3"
Astor: 5'5"
Equal Interval
What kind of scale does this demonstrate:
Abner: Intermediate
Allison: Intermediate
Andy: Above Average
Astor: Excellent
Mathematical operations can be performed on which of the scales of measurements?
Name the three measures of central tendancy
average (mean), mode, median
The distance between each score.
Symmetry of the distribution of scores
The rate in which a curve rises and falls
Most frequently obtained score
Center point of the scores when ordered from low to high - the point in a distribution above which at 50 percent of the test takers and below which are 50 percent of the test takes
Arithmetic average
How the scores are spread out above and below the average score
What are the three measures of dispersion?
range, variance, and standard deviation
The distance between the two extremes scores of high and low (+1)
Which two correlation coefficients have the best predictive value?
1.00; -1.00
True/False: Correlational data can't be used to draw a conclusion about causality.
(# correct/# possible) x 100
Percent correct

(Becca got 75% on her bio quiz)
(# correct/# attempted) x 100
If George got a 96% on his english test, what level is he at?
What are the three types of referenced interpretations of an individual's performance?
Criterion, Achievement Standards, Norm
Interpretations based on a similar group of people
Interpretations based on a single fact
Criterion- Referenced
Interpretations on a large scales to determine meeting a set of standards
Achievement Standards-Referenced
If Bill earned a percentile of 43% on a test, what does that mean in comparison to other test takers?
Bill did better than, or equal to, 43% of the test takers.
-2.00; -1.00; 0; +1.00; +2.00

These are examples of what standard score?
What standard score has a mean of 100?
IQ has a standard deviation of what?
A test was given a reliability coefficient of .98. Is it reliable?
Yes; 1.00 has smallest amount of error and 0.00 has large amount of error.
Ms. Dorner has only given multiple choice question tests this year. As a result, boys have been doing better in her class. What do we can this type of error?
Bias; Systematic; Predictable
What are the two approaches to generalizing for item reliability?
Alternate-form; Internal consistency
How is alternate-form defined?
two or more forms of same test; measure the same trait/skill; standardized on same population.
How is internal consistency defined?
After test is taken, questions are spilt and then correlated to see the reliability.
Mr. Fisk wants to check how stable are the test results for the Peabody Vocab test. How should he do this?
Test - Re-test; See if test takers earn same scores at different times.
Extent to which the interpretation of the scores is supported by evidence and theory
What are the three most commonly categorized evidence of validity?
Content, Criterion-related, Construct

(Remember it was CRITical to CONSTRUCT the TENT (content)
Extent to which a person's score on a criterion measure can be estimated from that person's test score is what kind of validity?
Extent to which the test measures the theoretical construct it intends to measure is what types of validity?
Construct validity
Appropriateness of items, completeness of item sample and the way items are access leads to what kind of validity?
Content Validity