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Ottoman troops, afraid of resentment within the Muslim families (revolt), instead, took in Christian boys learned in studies to be loyal to the sultan and converted to Islam.
Religious warriors (Islam) in service of the Ottoman Empire.
17th century mughal ruler who created 2 wonders, peacock throne and taj mahal.
Shah Jahan
Followers of Twelver Shiism
Ottoman sultan known as the "lawgiver." who expanded his empire to central europe.
Suleyman the Magnificent
16th century founder of the Mughal Empire (Indian)
16th century founder of the Safavid Dynasty (Persian)
Shah Ismael
The 13th century founder of the Ottoman Empire (Turkish)
Ottoman empire who had conquered Constantinople and created a centralized empire (unified Ottoman empire).
Mehmed the Conqueror
Effective Safavid ruler who retook Hormuz back from the Portuguese.
Shah Abbas
Mughal ruler that central administration that put both Hindus and Muslims under positions of power.
Ruler who extended the Mughal empire into Southern India but faced a lot of opposition from his Hindu subjects.
This tsar stopped tribute to Mongol Khan, indicating a massive change and a rise of Russian power. He consolidated land by insuring peasants freedom if settled in cossacks and centralized government like the Byzantine empire.
Ivan III
Married to Sophia Palaeologus, niece of last Byzantine emperor. Built capital w/ Italian architects rebuilt Kremlin at heart of Moscow.
Ivan III
He was both head of state and church like the Byzantine rulers. He was an absolutist and derived authority through God. Called the 3rd Rome only surviving seat of true Christian faith.
Ivan III
Dad died at 3, power at 16. He was known for his "reign of terror"
Ivan IV or rather, Ivan the terrible, grandson of Ivan III
Ivan IV's new aristocracy on redistributed land. Private army in black, with insignia of dog's head and broom. (to hunt down treason and sweet it out of Russia)
Grew up in Germantown, led Sophia and older brother be his regent but took over later with massive westernization. Develped table of ranks (14) put tsar as servant to state
Peter I (the great)
Place where european trade was allowed (outer Russia) to prevent western influence within Russia's heartland
Also referred as the "Window to the west" it's near the Baltic Sea, cost 10,000 serf's lives to build, buildings by Italian architects, government offices were at the new capital, won through victory against Sweden. There were two capitals, this, and Moscow.
St. Petersburg
She married the grandson of Peter and displaced her feeble husband. She liked reform, humane punishments, but when went against, she quartered Pugachev's body as warning. Stopped reform after French Revolution.
Catherine II (the great)
He and his followers were called Old Believers, many whom were persecuted and encouraged to practice their faith quietly.