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what does the altitude of Polaris indicate?
the observers latitude. Also proves earth's shape
What is the prime meridian?
The reference line for longitude and for Greewn wich mean time.
How does time change as you move east from the prime meridian?
it is an hour later with every 15 degrees
what is the chronometer
clock used to determine longitude keeping time atthe Prime Meridian and solar noon time.
cyclic change
events that follow set patterns and seem to repeat themselves
What is the equation for gradient or slope?
gradient= change in value /change in distance
what is percentage error or percent deviation?
the amount of error in a measurement expressed as a percent
isolines joining points of equal barometic pressure
contour line
lines joining points of elevation
How are depressions shown on a contour map?
Depressions, or holes are indicated by hachured lines. Each line indicates a contour interval lower
topographic map
a two dimensional model which shows the elevations of various points