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give some basic information about process staining
-the molecules of this dye or stain bind to different structures
-most stains are basic,that is +lycharged which enables them to bind to the bacteria which are negatively charged
what are the 2 types of stains?
simple stain and differential stain
what is simple staining intale?
-uses only one dye

-it shows the size,the shape and the cellular arrangement
what is differential stains?
-in which two or more dyes are used
-distunguishes between 2 kinds of organisms
what is gram stain?
its part of the differential staining. three steps to gram staining...
-it uses crystal violet(1st stain, then iodine (2nd stain),mordant and stain it again w/counterstain (3rd stain-safranin)
what does mordant mean in the gram staining?
a chemical used to retain stain in certain cells, a decolorizer
what is a gram (G+) organism
these organisms retain the violet stain in presence fo a decolorizer.
what is a gram (G-) organism
these organisms when decolorized, they lose their crystal violet stain color,now they don't have any color so when they are stained with the safranin dye counterstain)they stain red.
what happens when a stain is called gram nonreactive?
no stain or poorly
what happens to a gram varible
stain unevenly
what happens in acid stain
-dye is retained by some organisms and not by others
-the ones that it is called acid fast
what are the special stains (differential stains)
-flagellar stain
-spore stain
-negative stain
flagellar stain
do not stain very well- difficult stain-stain flagella
spore stain
in rod shape bacteria-force bacteria to form spores- stain endospores
negative stain
these stain the background