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Identify the organizations that developed general cable type standards for voice and data communications, and identify the document name.
ANSI/TIA/EIA, document T568-B
Which type of cable and connector are used to attach an end system to the medium in a thick Ethernet network?
An AUI cable and a vampire tap connector
What purpose do the twists serve in twisted pair cabling?
They prevent cross talk from adjacent pairs and limit the effects that EMI has on the signal being carried over the cable.
What type of tool do you use to add connectors such as RJ-45 and RJ-11 to twisted-pair cabling?
A crimper
What type of tool do you use to connect bulk cable runs to wall plates and patch panels?
A punchdown block tool
Which of the following topologies is used primarily to provide redundant, fault-tolerant paths through an internetwork?
Full mesh
Which of the following topologies requires communicating systems to be either in the same basic service area or within range of a central access point device?
Which twisted pair cable category is rated for both a 10-Mbps data rate (using two pairs) and a 100-Mbps data rate (using four pairs)?
Category 3 (CAT3)