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The characteristics of language, beliefs, values, norms, and material objects refer to
How a society would evaluate one person staring at another person in public is an example of
nonmaterial culture.
In everyday life as one lives in their own culture, their understanding of that culture is
3) on the same level as expecting a fish to ever notice they would be in water.
The concept of ______ refers to the lens through which we perceive and evaluate what is going on around us
A tendency to use our own group's ways of doing things as a yardstick for judging others refers to
Although the particulars of culture differ from one group of people to another
3) culture itself is universal.
Trying to understand a culture on its own terms refers to the idea of
4) cultural relativism.
Gestures are
2) useful shorthand ways of giving messages without using words.
In language each word is
1) actually a symbol.
The single most important factor in allowing culture to exist is
The sentencing of someone to a prison for a crime they have committed is best seen as an example of a
negative sanction
The expectations or rules of behavior of a society are referred to as
Norms that are not strictly enforced are called
A man who walks down the street naked from his waist up is violating a ________ whereas if a man walks down the street with nothing from his waist down is violating a ________
3) folkway; more
American society
3) contains tens of thousands of subcultures.
The subculture that most people would find to be the most disturbing in America is that of
The best example of a subculture that would not be seen as a counterculture
1) motorcycle enthusiasts
A subculture whose values or activities are opposed to the mainstream culture are
The American glorification of academic progress, hard work, and the display of material goods are indicative of the notion
4) ideal culture.
To understand the value of success in American society, sociologists would maintain that most Americans
2) follow the norms and values that are found in the notion of "real culture."
3) is defined differently from group to group.
The discipline holding a view on culture and behavior opposite that of sociobiology
1) is sociology.
The sociological significance of technology is best summarized by viewing it as
1) setting the framework for the group's nonmaterial culture.
The spread of cultural characteristics from one group to the other refers to
2) cultural diffusion.