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What were interlopes?
Illegal slave ships
Who was the first Lord Baltimore?
George Calvert
After George Calvert died, who took over Chesapeake and named the colony?
Cecilius Calvert
What did Cecilius Calvert name the Chesapeake colony?
WHAT passed the Toleration Act? What is it?
Passed by Maryland Assembly

Granted a degree of religious freedom
What led a lot of men to Maryland?
Misleading pamphlets
Where did most people live in teh Chesapeake area?
Farms and plantations
Who raised an amry of western sailors and attacked the indians?
Nathaniel Bacon
Who burned Jamestown and took over their government?
Nathaniel Bacon and his hip gang
What is the House of Burgesses?
Virginia's representative assembly of large planters
What was one effect of Bacon's Rebellion?
It strengthened the move amoung planters to switch from intdentured to slave labor
What was the slave voyage across the Atlantic?
Middle Passage
Who were the Quackers?
Members of a Protestant sect that rejected wealth and even clergy
Who were abolitionists?
Those who wanted to abolish slavery