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What was the Restoration?
When Charles II restored the monarchy' power in England
Who knew the proper rice cultivation techniques?
Describe the Task system.
Once slaves completed tasks, they could tend to their own small plots and raise their own livestock
Who worked under the task system?
Slaves on rice plantations
Where did the Dutch West India Company establish their colony?
New Netherland
What was the capital of New Netherland?
New Amsterdam
Who did Charles II make the Duke of York?
Who got Delaware?
Williem Penn
What did Williem Penn want to make?
A colony for Quakers; a Holy Experiment for different religions and nationalities.
What was Williem Penn's colony called?
What was the capital of Pennslyvania?
Describe Georgia as a colony.
It was a social experiment

Also, it was the last British colony
What is mercantilism?
An economic system in which a nation's power is tied to its stock of precious metals
Describe Balance of Trade
to export more than imported
What was the Navigation Acts?
Mercantilist laws to promote wealth, safety, and strength
What required European goods for colonies to be routed through England?
Navigation Acts
What was the best way to obtain wealth?
Balance of trade
Who wanted to create a buffer between South Carolina's prosperous plantaions and Spanish Florida (Georgia)?
Why were the colonies a vital importance to England?
Source of raw materials
Where were slaves extremely popular?
South Carolina