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Although created for different purposes, Barbara Hepworth's "Two Figures" and the African "Feast-making Spoon" are positive forms that employ _____ space.
all three answers are correct (actual, positive, negative)
A photograph, or a picture drawn in perspective, employs a single point of view that can be described as _____ ______.
monocular vision
The instant we draw a shape on a piece of paper, we also create _____.
all three answers are correct (space, a figure-ground relationship, negative space around it)
Two-dimensional space is _____ possessing only height and width.
A drawing of a cube that has all defining lines of depth and width converging to left and right points in the horizon is called _____ perspective.
In axonometric projection, all lines indicating height, width, and depth _____ _____.
remain parallel
When the vanishing point in a one-point perspective drawing is to one side of the viewer's vantage point, the recession is said to be _____.
Ruben's "Kermis," was created using _____.
diagonal recession of space
Matisse almost completely eliminates any sense of _____ in his painting "Harmony in Red (The Red Room)."