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laws should provide greatest happiness for the greatest number of people; when did he do this?
Jeremy Bentham; 1800
argued that actions are right if they promote happiness and wrong if they cause pain; wanted government to improve lives of working class; wanted vote for workers and women
John Stuart Mill
set up a Utopian society that didn't do well
Robert Owen
THEY (two men) wrote The Communist Manifesto
Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels
everything is an eternal battle between the "haves" and the "have-nots", who he called the proletariats. He said the proletariats would always come out on top.
Karl Marx
Urged farmers to grow turnips, which restored the soil.
Lord Charles Townshend
Build dikes, consolidated fields, and used fertilizer
invented the seed drill, which deposited seeds in rows and therefore prevented the wasting of seeds
Jethro Tull
Almost like till (as in tilling the soil)
exchanged news of experiments in farm journals and wrote articles about his model farm near ______
King George III or "Farmer George." His farm was near Windsor Castle.
You wouldn't think he'd be a farmer
Developed a steam engine powered by coal to pump water out of mines; what year did he invent this engine?
Thomas Newcomen, in 1712
NEW invention
A Scottish engineer who improved on Newcomen's engine; what year?
James Watt in 1769
He built the engine since Newcomen couldn't actually build it. He used Newcomen's plans.
Pioneered new methods of producing iron; used coal to smelt iron and removed the impurities caused by coal; led to better-quality, less-expensive iron; what year?
Abraham Darby in 1709
invented the flying shuttle
John Kay
invented the spinning jenny that spun many threads at the same time; what year did he invent this in?
James Hargreaves in 1764
"Jenny" might have come from his first name, which begins with the same letter.
invented the waterframe, which used water power to speed up spinning even further
Richard Arkwright
developed steam-powered locomotives to pull carriages along iron rails
George Stephenson
used Watt's steam engine to power the Clermont up the Hudson River in New York; his steam boat traveled at 5 mph; what year did he do this in?
Robert Fulton in 1807
he and his followers protested against the factories and the machines by burning down numerous factories
Ned Ludd and the Luddites
set up the Methodist Church
John Wesley
main prophet of laissez-faire economics; wrote Wealth of Nations; a free market would help everyone, not just the rich
Adam Smith
predicted that the population would outpace the food supply; the only checks on population are war, disease, and famine
Thomas Malthus
when wages were high, families had more children, which meant there were more people to do jobs so wages lower and unemployment would rise
David Ricardo