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In research, an animal whose behavior is used to discover principles that may apply to human behavior.
Animal model
The error of attributing human thoughts, feelings, or motives to animals.
Anthropomorphic fallacy
Scientific study undertaken to solve immediate practical problems.
Applied research
False system based on the belief that human behavior is influenced by the position of stars and planets.
The tendency to consider a personal description accurate if it is stated in very general terms.
Barnum effect
A record of the initial frequency of a target behavior.
Scientific inquiry done to advance basic knowledge, not to solve a practical problem.
Basic research
The study of overt, observable behavior.
A sample that does not accurately reflect the population from which it was drawn.
Biased sample
Belief that behavior is controlled by biological processes, such as heredity or evolution.
Biological determinism
A psychologist who studies the relationship between behavior and biological processes, especially activity in the nervous system.