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According to Native American theory, what animal was the Earth?
Where were the first people to enter American wilderness from?
Who were the Paleo-Indians? What did they know how to do?
the First Americans; they knew how to make fire, how to find food, and how to find shelter in harsh environments
Were Paleo-Indians hunter-gatherers?
yup yup
What are hunter-gatherers?
People who hunt animals and gather wild plants to provide for their needs
What is the tundra?
An often barren, arctic region
What factor dramatically changed American landscape?
The climate grew warmer and drier
Did any of the Native American people keep written records?
Noper Doper
What does "Kulsu" mean?
The Creator
What weapons did the Paleo-Indians use for hunting?
Clovis points (stone tips)
What were the first mothers of all Tewa known as?
"Blue Corn Woman, Near to Summer"
What was the most dramatic change the Paleo-Indians made? What was this officially called?
The shift from hunting and gathering to the domestication, or adapting and controlling, of plants

This was called the Agricultural Revolution
What was subsistence farming?
Growing just enough crops for survival
Where did teh first cities appear?
Southwestern Asia
What was Olmec?
The first great Mesoamerican culture
What culture was the mother culture of Mesoamerica?
Olmec - it strongly influenced later societies
What was one of the first Olmec settlements?
San Lorenzo
Which culture developed the beginnings of a calendar and writing?
Which culture practiced slash-and-burn agriculture?
Olmec, of course!
Who refined the Olmec calendar?
Name 3 Mayan settlements
What is a quetzal?
A bird (royal)
Who were the Toltec?
A group that took over central Mexico
What was a Toltec city-state?
What did the Aztecs call themselves?
What was the Aztec capital?

(mexico city)
What did the Aztec's view as a sacred duty?
Who was the Aztec's sung god?
What was the most powerful culture?
The Inca
Where was the Incan capital?
Which was the largest empire?
The Incan Empire
What didn't the Incas do that the Aztecs did?
Force their newly conquered subjects to pay tribute
Who was teh first major Inca ruler?
Pachacutec Inca Yupanqui
Which culture settled in teh barren hills and deserts of the Southwest?
The Anasazi
What was a kiva?
A round room that served as a sacred/ceremonial space
Who were the Anasazi probably related to?
the Pueblo Indians
Which cultures of the Eastern Woodlands combined hunting and gathering with farming to support relatively large populations?
What are these called?
Adena and Hopewell

They are called Mound Builders
Where was the largest Mississippian settlement located at?