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What are stars?
distant objects that omit light (radiation)
Stars are grouped into _____________ that occupy certain areas of the sky.
What are constellations?
constellations are groups of stars that are given name.
How many identifyed constellations are there?
Are the stars within a constellation the same distance from the Earth?
No they only appear that way to the observer.
What are star maps?
Star maps show constellations. These maps are used to find stars and constellations in the sky.
Name three factors that affect the visibilty of stars.
- Location on Earth
- Time of night
- Time of year
What is a circumpolar constellation? Give three examples.
A constellation that circles the North pole counter clock-wise.
- Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, and Cassiopea)
What direction to constellations move across the sky?
East to West.
The positions of stars in the sky can be used to tell ____.
Two motions of the Earth affect constellations. Name and define them.
Rotataion: movement of the Earth on it's axis. (24hrs)
Revolution: movement of the Earth around the sun/ center point.(365 days)
Circumpolar stars move _______ _________ around Polaris.
counter clockwsie
Polaris is a ______ aligned with the Earth's __________ North Pole.
Marker; geographic
_____ and _____ are pointers for Polaris.
Dubhe and Marek
The the distance between Dubhe and Marek is about ____ the distance between Dubhe and Polaris.
True Geographic North Pole and Geomagnetic North Pole are ____ meters apart.
The distance from the horizon to the zenith is about __ degrees
What is the celestial sphere?
An imaginery sphere that is used as a model of the entire sky. The Earth is located in the center of the sphere and all the stars, regardless of their real sdistance from the Earth, are imagined to exist on the surface of the sphere.
Where is Polaris located on the celstial sphere?
North celestial pole.
What is astrology?
the belief that the skys objects influence personal destiny.
What is the difference between astrology and astronomy?
astrology: the belief that the skys object influence personal destiny.
astronomy: the science that studies the make up, position and movement of all the objects in the universe.