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When considering Christo's "The Umbrellas," _____ are two factors that connect the two sets of umbrellas to their specific locations.
color and use of space
Part of Albert Bierstadt's influence for "The Rocky Mountains" came from _____.
The Swiss Alps
In 1971, aboriginal painters in Australia began using _____ _____ for their paintings.
acrylic paint
Robert Smithson's "Spiral Jetty" is different from traditional landscapes because it _____ the landscape.
We sometimes feel a sense of _____ when viewing a work such as Albert Bierstadt's "The Rocky Mountains," or Christo's "The Umbrellas."
the sublime
Wu Chen's landscape, "The Central Mountain," is a _____ _____, a form of a painting not usually seen in Western art.
scroll painting
There are two processes to seeing. The first is _____, the second is psychological.
In 1989, _____ closed the Chicago Art Institute.
Scott Tyler's "What is the Proper Way to View the American Flag?"
In Childe Hassam's "Allies Day, May 1917," and Jasper Johns' "Three Flags" the _____ ______ is the same.
subject matter