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In how many ways can matter interact with eachother?
Gravitationally, Magnetically, Electrically, and nuclear interactions
Change in direction is an indicator of _______?
an interaction
What are some indicators of interactions?
Change of direction, change of speed, change in velocity
"Velocity", indicates a combination of _____ and ______.
Speed; Direction

ex. 1000 km/hr east
The velocity of an object is represented by an _______.
The _____ of the arrow is placed at the ______ of the object. And the arrow points in the _____ of the ______ of the object.
tail; location; direction; motion
Velocity is quantity and has a ______ (an amount or size) and a direction.
Quantities which have a magnitude and direction can be called _________?
Vectors are _________ quantities.
Motion with unchanging velocity is called "_______ ______".
Uniform Motion
If an object is in uniform motion, then there is no "____" (total) _______.
net; total