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A theory that encompasses and accounts for a wider range and diversity of data. A good theory should meet this test.
Precision and Testability
A test that contains constructs that are clearly and explicitly defined.
Relational Statements/Propositions
Statements that are consistent and logically related to one another.
The hypotheses must be capable of being studied empirically. They must be linked at some point with external reality.
The link between conceptualization and observation is accomplished by means of operational definitions.
A theory should contain only those constructs, relational statements and assumptions necessary for the explanation of the phenomena within its domain.
Empirical Validity
Making observations to determine if the investigator's predictions are accuarte.
Heuristic Value
This stimulated and provokes investigators to do further teorizing and research.
Applied Value
Leads to new approaches to the solution of people's problems.
A relatively eduring pattern of A/N, B, and C (ABC) that gives uniqueness to the person's adaptation to his/her environment.
A - Affect
Emotions; often placed together with "needs" (What's in the heart)
B - Behavior
specific actions
C - Cognition
mental processes - thoughts, beliefs memories, judgement, perception, expectations. (What's in the head)