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What are the townshend acts?
When the British placed taxes on imported glass lead, paint, paper, and tea.
building supplies for houses
What did the taxes pay for?
1.military expenses
2.salaries of colonial governors
(those from England enforcing laws)
"where's my money?!" said the colonial _______.
There was a great deal of ________ of products within the colonies because of taxes.
think of robbing, how people steal things
What were the "Writs of Assistance"?
Special search warrants used by British customs officials that allowed them to search for smuggled goods.
Think of what a police dog does "sniff, sniff"
Because of the _______ the colonists feared the ________ enforcing the laws of the Townshend acts and did not feel that they had the best interest of the colonies at heart.
1. townshend acts
2. royal officials
no hint
What did this feeling cause?
A young man
a type of bed you sleep in
What is a boycott?
when you don't buy specific goods
no way Jose! i ain't buyin'!
What were the "Daughters of Liberty"?
women who met to sew,support boycotts and talk of political issues.
this is like rebeling Girl Scouts