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which of the following may affect the rate of diffusion
all of the above
bacterial cells are often found in very hypotonic environments. which of the following characteristics keep them from contuniuing to take on water from the enviroment
the presence of a cell well allows a buildup of tonic pressure that prevents any more water from entering the cell
sodium-potassim pumps are common in many cells. which of the following are necessary for the pumps to work
single-celled animals like amobas engul entire cells for food. which of the following represents the manner in which amoebas "eat"
active transportt differs from passive transport in that active transport
requires energy
which of the following limits the movement of moleciles when carrie-mediated facilitated diffusion is involved
all of the above
channel proteins allow ions that would not normally pass thorough the cell membarane to pass through via the channel. what properties of the proteins are respnsible for this
the channels are ofthen composed of polar amino acid groups
which of the folowing statement regraidng osmosis is not true
if osmois occurs across a membrane, then diffusion is not occuring
in which of the following solution X hypotonic relative to soultion Y
solution x has a lower slute concentration than soultion y
if red blood cell with an internal salt concentation about .85 percent is placed in a saline solution that is 4 percent, which of the following will most likely happen
the red blood cell will lososewater and shrivel
you are moinotoring the diffuion of a molecule acoross a membrane. which of the following will resilt in the fastest rate of diffusion
both a and b
which of the following types of junctions are respnisibile for communication between cells
gap junctions
whcih of the following cell membrane componets serve as recognition signals for interactions between cells
glycolipids or glycoproteins
which of the following contributes to differnces in the two sides of the cell mebrane
all of the aove
which of the following statements regarding celluirla membranes is not true
membrane phospholipids flip back and forth form one side of the bilayer to the other