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General Sir Edward Pakenham
Commanded British army down to New Orleans
General Sir George Prevost
Led more than 10,000 British troops into New York State from Canada
Francis Scott Key
Young attorney who wrote Star-Spangled Banner
Dolley Madison
Wife of James Madison
Andrew Jackson
Attacked the Creeks [Native Americans]
Battle of Horseshoe Bend
Broke Creeks' resistance
armed private ships
Oliver Hazard Perry
commander of Lake Erie naval forces
had orders to seize lake from the British
Henry Clay
one of the leading War Hawks
John Calhoun
one of the leading War Hawks
South Carolina
loyalty to a nation and promotion of its interests above all others
War Hawks
Republicans during Madison's presidency who pressed for war with Britain
General William Henry Harrison
American governor of the Indiana Territory
powerful Shawnee chief who built a confederacy among Native American nations in Indiana, Ohio, and Michigan
The Prophet
Tecumseh's brother
Urged Native Americans everywhere to return to the customs of their ancestors
James Madison
secretary of state, president
prohibits trade with another country
neutral rights
right to sail the seas and not take sides
forcing people in a service, as in a navy
Stephen Decatur
25-year-old U.S. navy captain who burned a captured U.S. ship down in Tripoli
protection money
to withdraw
Zebulon Pike
led two expeditions though the upper Mississippi River valley and in a region that is now Colorado
served as an interpreter with Lewis and Clark and helped the explorers survive
Meriwether Lewis
one of the co-leaders in the Lewis & Clark expedition
William Clark
one of the co-leaders in the Lewis & Clark expedition
leader of the revolt in Carribean islands
Robert Livingston
U.S. ambassador to France
Napoleon Bonoparte
the leader of France
conestoga wagons
sturdy vehicles topped wiht white canvas
Embargo Act
banned imports from and exports to all foreign countries
Nonintercourse Act
prohibited trade only with Britain and France and their colonial possessions
Battle of Tippecanoe
General William Harrison lead a battle to Prophetstown
Glorious victory for Americans
Lead to Tecumseh joining forces with British troops
Battle of the Thames
After Lake Erie was in American hands, the British and Native Americans tried to pull back from the area.
Stopped by William Harrison, this battle took place. Tecumseh was killed.
Battle of Horseshoe Bend
Andrew Jackson attacked the Creeks, killing more than 550 people.
Broke up the Creeks, forcing them to give up most of their lands to the Americans
Battle of Plattsburgh
British suffered a humiliating defeat
General Prevost abandoned campaign
After this battle, British leaders decided that the minor war in America was too costly and unnesscary
Treaty of Gent
did not change any existing borders
nothing mentioned about the impressment of sailors, neutral rights had become a dead issue
Battle of New Orleans
Americans achieved a decisive victory
Lead by Andrew Jackson
Gory bloodshed