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there are basically 3 stages of internal circuitry in a TTL (transistor transistor logic) IC:
the input current (Iil or Iih) to an IC gate is _______ value specified by the IC manufacturer
the output current of an IC gate depends on the _____ of the load connected to it. Its value cannot exceed the ______ rating of the chip, Iol or Ioh
size; maximum
the high and low level output voltages of the standard TTL family are not 5 or 0v but typically are ____ and _____v
3.4; 0.2
the ________ _______ is the length of time that it takes for the output of a gate to respond to a stimulus at its input
propagation delay
the rise and fall times of a pulse describe how long it takes for the ______ to travel between its 10% and 90% levels
_____ _____ outputs are required whenever logic outputs are connected to a common point
open collector
several improved ____ families are available and continue to be introduced each year, providing decreased ______ consumption and decreased ______ ______
TTL; power; propagation delay
the _______ family uses complementary metal oxide semiconductor transistors instead of bipolar transistors used in TTL ICs
traditionally, the ______ family consumed less power but was slower than TTL. However, recent advances in both technologies have narrowed the differences
The ________ family combines the best characteristics of bipolar technology and CMOS technology to provide logic functions that are optimized for the high speed, low power characteristics required in microprocessor systems
_____ ______ logic provides the highest speed ICs. Its drawback is its very high _____ _______
emitter-coupled logic; power consumption
a figure of merit of IC families is the product of their propagation delay and power consumption, called the ______ ____ _____ (the lower the better)
speed-power product
when interfacing logic families, several considerations must be made. The output voltage level of one family must be ____ _____ enough to meet the input requirements of the receiving family. Also, the output current capability of the _____ ______ must be high enough for the input draw of the receiving gate or gates.
high and low; driving gate