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Why was the Homestead Act of 1862 passed?
To encourage the settlement
What material was used to build homes on the Great lakes?
What major industry became part of the plain stats because cattle and hogs were raised in the region?
Most of the world's plains are used for what?
farming and ranching
What crop changed farming on the Great Plains?
Winter wheat
Why is prairie soil naturally fertile?
The grass helped make the soil very dark and fertile.
In the 1600's, the Sioux settled in which Plain states?
North and South Dakota
Describe the Plains regions (give 3 examples).
1. The French were the first to explore.
2. The plains region included the central and the Great Plains.
3. Miles of prairie grasses once covered the plains region.
9. A produce or service that a business offers for sale is called?
True or false: Most early settlers in the Plains region had to be self-sufficient?
True or false: The Sioux depended on buffalo for many needs?
True or false: The Plains states have a free enterprise economy?
True or False: Corn and Barley are the 2 largest crops in the Plains regions?
False. It is corn and wheat
Essay quesion: Farming methods and technology are constantly changing. In a one-paragraph essay, describe some of the changes that have affected farming in the U.S. ove the years.
Farming methods and technology changes have affected farming in several ways. Farmers can plant larger areas of land now. The reaper can harvest five times as a hand-farmer. A thresher separates the grain from stems, sometimes they use airplanes or other machines to spray chemicals to kill insects and weeds. Some farmers use computers to plan when to plant and harvest crops. Those are the affects that have helped farming alot.