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What did Marsilius of Padua write
Defender of the Peace
Elder comes from the Greek word
The bishop of thh Church of Rome eventually was called the
The New Testament used this form of the Greek language
In 445, the Western Roman emperor ValentinianIII officially recopgnize this pope as supreme over the church.
Pope Leo I
In A.D. 325, this council affirmed Chrsit's divinity in a statement of belief. What is the name of this council
Council of Nicaea
Catholics call the sacrament of the Lord's Supper this
Eucharist, greek word for thanks, favor, and grace
Bishop comes from the Greek word meaning
overseer or supintendent
Around 175, this church leader in Gaul, claimed that the Roman church had been founded by Peter and Paul and that every church had to agree with the Church of Rome.
Where was the first Christian church
in Jerusalem
Jesus frequently quoted from ________ as the Word of God.
The Old Testament
Deacon comes from the Greek word meaning
What did Marsilius write about in this work
he challenged the unscriptual doctrines of the Roman church.