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This was the idea that government should not interfere in the economy
laissez faire
This was money paid by one country to another in return for protection
This was the authority of the Supreme Court to strike down unconstitutional laws
judicial review
This was a government order that forbid foreign trade
This is a long and organized journey
This is pride in one's country
this is the act of shutting a port or road to prevent people or supplies from coming into an area
this means withdraw
these people were eager for war with Britain
war hawks
this is the act of illegally importing or exporting goods
Who won the presidential election of 1800?
Thomas Jefferson
The revolution of 1800 caused all of the following to occur.
limit fed. government power over states and citizens
fed. gov. too involved in economic affairs and laissez faire
These were 3 Republican policies that emerged in 1800's
reduce # of people in gov.
shrank military, cut its budget, fired tax collectors, cut diplomat number
Why did Marbury sue Madison?
Judicial review
Why was the Mississippi River and NO so important?
farmers relied on the river to ship crops to NO; Spain threatened to close both to US; Spain gave NO to France
Why did Spain sell the Louisiana Territory to the US?
Napoleon needed money to support his war with Europe
What problem did Jefferson run into when he bought the LP?
the Constitution did not give the Pres. power to buy land
How did Pike's Peak get its name?
Zebulon Pike climbed 2/3 way up a peak of the Rocky Mts. but had to turn back
How did Jefferson respond to the pirates attacking American ships in the Med. Sea?
He sent warships to protect the American Merchant ships
What did the Embargo Act do?
forbade foreign trade on American ships sailing to any foreign port
How did Jefferson solve the problem of the purchase of the Louisiana Purchase?
determined that the Constitution gave the President power to make treaties
Name the 3 goals that Jefferson had for Lewis and Clark' expedition.
1.make contact with NA
2 report on geography, plants, animals, natural features.
3. find waterway between miss river and Pac. ocean
What were the results of the Embargo Act?
1. exports fell from 190 million to 25 million
2. crops declined
3. Americans lost jobs
What effects did westward expansion have on Native Americans?
disease, hunting grounds lost, animals driven away, forests cleared, population decreased, powers of leaders declined
Who was the President during the War of 1812?
James Madison
What did the USS Constitution do?
defeated the British warship Guerriere
What did Andrew Jackson do during the War of 1812?
defeated the Creeks at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend
What did Dolley Madison do that was so brave?
saved important papers and pictures from the White House as the British were coming
What area did Fort McHenry protect?
the city of Baltimore's harbor
Who wrote the "Star-Spangled Banner"?
Francis Key Scott
May 1804
L/C Expedition begins its voyage up the Missouri River
August 1804
L/C meet Otos and Missouris Indians
Winter 1804-1805
Spent time with the Mandan Indians
August 1805
Expedition crosses the Continental Divide
November 1805
Expedition arrives at the Pacific Ocean and is overcome with GREAT JOY
Who was the Shoshone Indian who joined the expedition as an interpreter
Who adopted Sacagawea's children after she died?
Whose father was a lieutenant in the Continental Army?
What was Sacagawea's sons name?
How did Meriwether Lewis die?