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Mary E. McDowell
- founed University of Chicago settlement house
- Faught agains city hall over garbage disposal
- fight was succesful -> trash halting practice was stopped
Volunteers of America
- hosted a home in which many homeless people and waifs were held
- about 15,000 people per month
- allowed the city to have any less unsafe homeless people
Daniel Burnham
- One of Chicago's leading architects
- behind the movement that created a better and more beautiful chicago
Chicago School of Architecture
- lad by many leading architects
- dealt with many clients
- taught about practical buildings that were also physically attractive
- helped advance the progressive era movement
Louis Sullivan
- Helped out with school of architecture
- made Carson Pirie Scott buliding
Chicago Plan
- started as a redevelopment plan for Burnm=ham's hometown
- lead to new boulevards, city parks, a cleaner Chicago River and much more
- burnham died before he could see finished product