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attitude that regards humans as the central element of the universe
attitude that attributes human behavior to inanimate objects/ natural phenomena
Operational Sex Ratio
F:M ratio, males need to compete for limite # of females.
Human Mate Choice
facial symmetry, high estrogen/testosterone levels
MHC gene
females attracted to males w/ different MHC proteins

advantageous-> effective against different viruses
both parents working together: imp when food is scarce-> female can't find food -> young die -> DNA not passed on
Fixed Action Patterns
behavioral traits that are embedded in genetic programs of biological organisms: sign stimuli, drive, motor program, programmed learning
Sign Stimuli
initiates FAP

triggered by genetic and environmental factors (sockeye salmon)
Motor Program
early steps in behavior leads to sequence of steps that follow until action is complete
Programmed Learning
(imprinting) genetically controlled. (golden eyed duckling)
Proximate Causation
behavior based on trigger stimuli and internal mechanisms
Ultimate Causation
behavior based on evolution- favored by natural selection
in order for DNA changes, erors must occur in this process
greatest ability to produce variation resulting in very rapid reproduction exists in these cells
bacterial (prokaryotic)
Bonobo sexual behavior
leisure/recreation -> females couldn't get food, drought, ate food on ground: bonding, reduced male agression
chimp sexual behavior
violent/infantcide: mate w/ every male to prevent infantcide, don't know if killing own child, permiscuous