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How many judges are on the Supreme Court?
Name the 1 woman to serve on the Supreme Court
Sandra Day O'Connor
The leading justice is called the _____ ______
cheif justice
How long do justices serve?
until the justice dies or resigns
How do you become a justice on the Supreme Court?
the president appoints you with the consent of the senate
Name the 1 African American justice
Thurgood Marshall
Explain what Marbury v. Madison said and why it was important
the constitution is the supreme law of the land equalized the power between the branches
How can the supreme court check the power mof the president and congress?
declaring laws
The supreme court has the power to interpret the ____
How can congress change the power of the court?
passing a new law or hanging one ruled unconstitutional
how did president andrew jackson check the power of the court?
he refused to inforce a court ruling
one limit on the courts power is that it can only hear which cases?
cases that come to it; cases that appear to it
The court only accepts cases involving a ________ question
Appeals courts don't hold trials. Name three ways they decide an appeal
demand the case, reverse the decision, or uphold the original decision
list from lowest to highest the 3 levels of the u.s. court system
district, appeals, supreme
there are _____ u.s. courts of appeals
the 13 court of appeal for the federal circuit has nationwide jurisdiction. what cases does this court hear?
paten law or international trade
trails are held in the _____ courts
________ courts have original jurisdiction over most cases
all defendants are considered ________ until proven guilty
The courts are part of the ______ branch of government
the court system was created under article ___ of the constitution
define jurisdiction
a courts authority to hear and decide cases