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legislative branch
Congress which was responsible for proposing bills and passing them into laws.
what happened at the constitutional convention
to revise the articles of confederation
three fifths compromise
said that 3/5 of the slave population would count as the state population for any matters
what significance did William Peterson have?
he presented the New Jersey Plan to the Congress.
The distribution of governmental power between a central authority and the states or provinces that make up the nation.
executive branch
the president and administrative departments of the government.
The Great Compromise
a comprimise between the big state, small state plan in representing themselves in Congress
who was James Madison
one of the most important delegates to the convention. he particapated deeply in the conversations of the convention
judicial branch
made up of all the national courts, which is responsible for interpreting laws, punsihing criminals, ans settling disputes between states.
checks and balances
a system to prevent any branch of government from becoming too powerful.
New jersey plan
proposed that the states keep the existing organization of Congress. to ensure that even small states had a voice
Virginia Plan
a plan that would determine the representatives for each branch of government based on the population of each state