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taxes on imports or exports
why did the spanish close the lower mississippi river to U.S. shipping.
because they wanted to have authority over the mississippi.
what was the only way the farmers could transport their goods to britain?
if they used british supply ships, which were very expensive.
interstate commerce
trade conducted between two or more states.
who was the U.S.'s biggest trading partner
why was it difficult for merchants to cross state lines?
because each state had different trade laws.
what did the americans need to inherit better trade agreements?
a more powerful government of the articles of confederation.
were there any punishments for the rebels of Shay's rebellion
yes, first they were all sentenced to death but it was then lightened because people sympathsized their financial problems
What were problems after the British closed ports to American ships?
with ports closed the Americans had no place to rest on their way to other destinations. Canada was banned from trading with the U.S. Britain forced American merchants to pay high tariffs
Shays's Rebellion
a revolt of farmers in 3 western counties lead by Daniel Shays. Farmers forced the courts to close becuase with the courts shut down, no one's farm could be foreclosed.
what was the conflict about the british forts about?
after the treaty of paris was signed the british forts were given to the U.S. but the British weren't being forced out with an army so they overstayed their stay.
which governor sent militiamen to protect the court and stop the rebels.
Governor James Bowdoin
what was the outcome of shays rebellion
it made americans admit that the articles of confederation were not a strong enough government.
why were there financial problems for farmers?
because since they owned land they had to pay the new taxes, but were to poor to pay them which forced courts to foce the farmers to sell themselves into indenture serivitude or sell their property
which side did inflation help and why: creditors or debtors
debtors, because then they could pay off debts with currency that had lost value since they had borrowed it
who took part in Shays's rebellion?
farmers in 3 western counties, led by Daniel Shays.
a steep drop in economic activity
what created the depression
massachusetts rfused to issue any paper money and tried to pay its war debts by levying taxes on land.
people who owe money
why couldnt the citizens be protected?
because the government couldnt force states to provide soldiers for an army, so without one they were open for attacks
people who lend money
what was the trade imbalance between imports to exports
5 to 1
why was there inflation and the increased prices for goods?
because to pay off war debts, each state began to give out large amounts of paper money which started to make it worthless.