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Glaciers formed what bodies of water?
Great Lakes
Why did the United States decide to survey the Northwest Territory?
For a better plan for the settlement of the territory.
Which 2 explorers explored the Great Lakes region to find and explore the Mississippi River?
1. Louis Joliet
2. Jacques Marquette
What caused the French and Indian ware?
Fighting over the ownership of the Ohio River Valley
Describe the Northwest Territory? (give 3)
1. North of Ohio River
2. South of the Great Lakes
3. West of Pennsylvania
4. Divided into townships
The Illinois Waterway and the Illinois River connect Lake Michegan to what other river?
A large, flat-bottomed boat used on rivers and other inland waterways.
A person who makes maps.
Friends especially in times of war.
To measure; especially land.
A square section of land in the the Northwest territory measuring 6 miles
An order of law
The land beyond the settled part of a community
Rock that contains enough of one or more kinds of minerals to be mined.
A very tall steel-framed building.
Mass production
A way of manufacturing in which many items that are identical can be made quickly and cheaply.
Interchangeable part
Identical copies of parts
Assembly line
A line of workers and machines along which a product moves as it's put together one step at a time.
The movment of many people who leave one country or region to settle in another.
A large boat with a flat bottom and square ends.
A flat-bottomed boat with painted ends and sometimes a sail, which can be poled or sailed up a river against the current.
A boat powered by steam engine that turns a large paddle wheel.
Goods that are transported.
a rice field
the clearing of forest land by cutting down all the trees.
Something happens bcause of an earlier action.
Mass Production and the assembly line were 2 important developments in American Industry. In a one-paragraph essay, explain what they are and why they are important.
1. Mass Production and the assembly line are very important in the American Industry. The mass production is when many products are alike and made cheaply by using a machine. This along with the assembly line helps to build products such as cars quickly. Also, parts of one mas production will fit another car of the same model each year. This helps to speed the assembly of cars each year.