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What are 2 types of bridges?
1. Simple bridge
2. Learning bridge (similar to a layer-2 switch)
What layer to bridges operate at?
Data link layer
What layer do routers operate at?
Network layer
What are the 4 basic types of backbone networks that can be mixed together?
1. Routed backbones
2. Bridged backbones
3. Collapsed backbones
4. Virtual LANs
What are the 3 backbone architecture layers?
1. Access layer (LAN)
2. Distribution layer (usually within one building)
3. Core layer (building to building)
Routed backbones move packets using...
network layer addresses
Bridged backbones move packets using...
data link layer addresses
What type of topology do routed backbones use?
Bus topology
What type of topology do bridged backbones use?
Bus topology
What type of topology do collapsed backbones use?
Star topology
Rack-based backbones collapse the backbone into a single room called...
A main distribution facility (MDF)
Devices in a main distribution facility are connected using...
Patch cables
What are the 2 basic designs of a virtual LAN?
1. Single switch
2. Multi-switch
What 4 ways are computers assigned to individual VLANs in a single switch VLAN?
1. Port-based VLANs
2. MAC-based VLANs (advantage when moved)
3. IP-based VLANs (advantage when moved)
4. Application-based VLANs
What is FDDI?
Fiber Distributed Data Interface (operates at 100 Mbs)
What topology does FDDI use?
It uses a physical and logical ring topology (self healing rings)
What 4 ways does ATM differ from Switched Ethernet?
1. ATM uses small, fixed-length packets of 53 bytes
2. ATM provides no error correction along the way
3. ATM uses virtual channels instead of fixed addresses
4. ATM prioritizes based on QoS
What are the two types of ATM virtual circuits?
1. Permanent virtual circuits (PVCs)
2. Switched virtual circuits (SVCs) (deleted after completed)
What are 2 methods of translating ethernet frames before sending over an ATM network?
1. LAN Encapsulation (LANE)
2. Multiprotocol Over ATM (MPOA)
What characteristics would be included in the "ideal" backbone?
1. Combined use of layer 2 and layer 3 switches
2. Access layer uses 10/100 layer 2 switches
3. Distribution layer uses layer 2 switches with 10BaseT or Fiber
4. Core layer uses layer 3 switches
5. Redundant switches and cabling