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who conquered the incas
Francisco pizarro
who was the incan ruler
who conqured the aztecs
hernan cortes
who was the ruler of the aztecs
moctezuma 2
in 1845 when the state became part of the united states this event helped trigger a war between texas and mexico. Name this state
the man was a reolutionary general. in the 1800's he librated the south american countries from spanish rule,called the liberator he helped south american colonies to eventually rule the liberator
simon bolivar
in 1780 and 1781 an indian of inca descent led a revolt that spread from Peru to Boliia to Argentina the revolt was put down uickly and brutally by spanish forces. who was the revolutionary leader
miguel hildago
what does the holiday Dia De Los Muertos stand for
day of the dead
name thelong narrow penunsula located in the western part of mexico
Baja Calaforina
Name the major river that seprates the U.S. from Mexico. tell the 2 names there are 1 in mexico and 1 in the U.S. calls it
U.S.= Rio Granda, Mexico=Rio Bravo
the sierra madre occidental and the sierra madre oriental are which type of landforms
what is the capitol of mexico
mexico city
the pen. that is located on the eastern part of mexico
yucatan pen.
what is mexico's most important energy resource
what is the most valuable part of mexicos mining industy
this resource is a limited resource in parts of mexico. Scarity of this resource, particulary in the north is a serious issue
what has been pumped from under Mexico city so much of this has been pumped out that the ground is sinking
what was the name of the aztec capitol that floated on lake texcoco
which religion are 89% of mexico's people
roman cathloics
the catholic priest who began a revolt against spanish rule(first and last name)
tupac amaru
people from this country took oer the indians land and forced them to work on farms and in mines
which side lost between texas and mexico which made them lose about 1/2 there territory
the aztecs forced the people they conquered to pay tributes.what are tributes
this man was mexico's first president of an indian heritage. He is also a national hero (mlk of mexicans)
Benito Juarez
which civilization came first mayas aztecs or incas
mayas then aztecs then incas
does mexico hae a president or a prime minister for head of goverment
does mexico have a parliament or a congress
which north american country that we have studied has a parliament
which N A country has a congress that we have studied
for many years mexico operated more on the principle of an economy in which the government controls everything in which type of economy does the governmet control what is produced and sold to people
command economy
which country that we have talked about had the same type of economy in which the government controlled everything?
In recent decades has Mexico worked to increase or decrease govt. control of the economy?`
Are living standards in mexico much higher or much lower than other nations?
Mexico began to have problems when the price of which one of their major natural resources that they exported began to fall in the 1980's.
Is petroleum renewable or non renewable?
The rise in price that occurs when currency looses its buying power is called ?
What does NAFTA stand for?
North American Free Trade Agreement
NAFTA is an economical agreement between which three countries?
USA, Canada, Mexico
This small piece of land which is comprised of several countries connects N. America and S. America.
Central America
A small piece of land that connects two larger land masses is a ?
A large group of islands is called an?
This group of islands is the section which includes Cuba, Haiti, Domincan Republic and 9 smaller islands.
Carribean Islands
There are two main island groups in this group of islands - the four large islands which include Cuba, Jamica, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico are called? Two Words
Greater Antilles
The small islands of this area which stretch from the virgin islands to trinedad and tobago are called the?
Lesser Antilles
Another island group lies outside of the above islands east of Florida - it includes over 700 islands and 1000's of reefs.
The Bahamas
Which three types of natural disasters are frequent in this group of islands?
Hurricanes, Earthquakes and Volcanos
Which of these three natural disasters primarily occurs between June and Nov.?
The far southeast region of the islands recieves up to 250 inches of rain per year - in contrast Miami Florida recieves only 56 inches. Name the island?