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Ser apacible/dificil
To be even-tempered, calm, peaceful/difficult
Ser carinoso
To be affectionate
Ser comprensivo(a)/incomprensivo(a)
To be understanding/not understanding
Ser confiable
To be trustworthy, reliable
Ser culto(a)/inculto(a)
To be educated/uneducated
Ser enojadizo(a)
To be irritable, touchy
Ser egoista
To be selfish
Ser grunon(ona)
To be grumpy
Ser malvado
To be evil, wicked
Ser presumido(a)
To be conceited, full of oneself
Ser seguro(a)/inseguro(a)
To be confident/unsure of oneself
con don de gentes
with good interpersonal skills
de caracter fuerte/debil
of strong/weak character
de mal caracter/buen caracter
de pocas palabras
of few words
educado/mal educado
polite, well-mannered/ impolite
tener maneras corrientes/finas
vulgar/fine manners
tener un aspecto impecable/descuidado
to have a(n)impeccable/sloppy appearance
tener el paso largo/corto,ligero/pesado
to have a long/quick,light/heavy stride
tener una voz aguda, melodiosa, ronca, varonil
to have a sharp, high-pitched, melodic, husky, masculine voice
tener el andar recto/encorvado
to have a straight, erect/stooped, hunched-over gait
tener un habla animada, reservada, rapida y vivaz/lenta
to have a animated, reserved, rapid and lively/slow manner of speaking
tener cejas arqueadas, delgadas/gruesas, pobladas
to have arched, thin/thick, heavy eyebrows
tener dientes amarillentos, parejos/disparejos, separados
to have yellowed, straight/crooked,separated teeth
tener un nariz recta, chata
to have a straight, snub-nose nose
tener ojos rasgados, hipnotizantes, saltones
to have almond-shaped, hypnotic, bug eyes
tener orejas pegadas, puntiagudas, salientes
to have ears that are close to the head, pointed, stick out
tener pelo abudante, canoso, fino/grueso, grasoso, sedoso; los claritos
to have hair that is big, gray, fine/thick, oily, silky; highlights
tener las arrugas, las ojeras, la frente amplia/estrecha, el lunar, las pecas, los hoyuelos
to have wrinkles(arrugas), bags under the eyes (ojeras), wide/narrow forehead, mole(lunar), freckles(pecas), dimples (hoyuelos)