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Who is Grover Cleveland, and why did farmers and blue collared workers detest him?
He was the President of the United States from 1893-1897,and he encouraged many reforms in the business world, but didn't sympathise with the porblems of farmers and laborers.
Who was Samuel Gompers, and what organization did he lead?
England-norn Samuel Gompers led the American Federation of Labor, which concentrated on organizing skilled workers, and advocated strikes to improve wages and hours, and boycotts.
Who was Thomas Watson?
He was the leader of the Populist party, who formerly believed in equality amongst the races. But after his political defeat, he became a strict racist and anti-Semitist.
Who was George Dewey?
In 1898, Commodore Geroge Dewey led a fleet of ships to the Phillipines and sunk every Spanish fleet in Manila in order to let Phillipines declare its independence, and started off the War with Spain.
Who was John D. Rockefeller?
He first strted of with a business that refined kerosen from oil. He then bought small competing businesses, and controlled all refinries in Ohio. He later founded the Standard Oil Company, and owned 90% of the oil pipelines. He was worth $1 billion.
Who was Andrew Carnegie?
He started off poor, working in the railroads, but slowly rose, and started manufacturing steel using the Bessemer Converter, which combined steel processes into one, and became wealthy. He donated $350 million to charity, and the Carnegie Foundation is still helping out Cleveland today.
Who was James Weaver?
The Populist Party Nominated him to be a candidate for the election in 1892, but Cleveland beat him.
Who was McKinley?
He was the Republican candidate against Weaver. He had the support of "big business" and Just warned the oters that the Republican Party had more money, and that the Populists didn't have enough to support their radical idea. He won by 600,000 votes.
Who was William Jennings Bryan?
He was the Democratic candidate against Mc Kinley; he held Populist Ideals like free coinage of silver,and others that led Populists to support him.
Who was Charles Darwin? What does Social Darwinism mean?
-He was a scientist who developed theories about evolution, the origin of species and of humankind. He argued that all species had to undergo natural selection, or "susrvival of the fittest".

-Herbert Spencer, an English philosopher, interpreted this to society and the business world, known as "Social Darwinism". It justified the actions of the business world.
Who was Ferdinand
He was the puppet ruler of Mexico in 1864 installed by French leader Napolean III.
Who is William Seward?
He was the Secretary of State in 1865. He dreamt of an American "Empire" that would include Canada, the Carribean, Mexico, and Central America as well as the Hawaiian Islands. He succeeded in seizing the Midway Islands and bought Alaska for $7.2 million.
Who is Teddy Rooselvelt?
He was the leader of the First Voluntary Cavalry Regiment (the Rough Riders). Known for his war spirit, he won many battles, like in San Juan Hill, Cuba and later became the President of the United States.
Who was Mary Harris Jones?
Known as "Mother Jones", she organized and led many strikes for the Knights of Labor.
Who was William Jenny?
After a huge Fire that burnt down most of Chicago, he was appointed to rebuild the city. He was responsible for introducing the skyscraper, which let one have more square footage without a lot of land.