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the 3 branches had roles tht ----- or limit the others so that no 1 branch can ----- the -----
check, dominate government
whatd did state govts set up
special ratifying conventions
the leaders of which state opposed the consti
rhode is
federalists -------the consti
george-------and--------- ------ aprroved the consti
washington b fraklin
who published a series of essays that later became a book
john jay alexnder hamilton, and james madison
who opposed the consti
andti feds feared that a ---- govt would ignore the will of the sates adn the people, and favor the wealthy
af feard the consti would take away americans-----
the consti lacked a -------
bill of rights
whose power was limited by the states new constituions
in the ---- of each state would have 2 members
a republic is a government where ______ representatives are ruled through by citizens
the ----was created to break the deadlock between large and small states
great compromise
how many states must approve the consitution
one weakness of the confederation was that it could not deal with ___-
the nations finances
constitutional convention delegates voted for a nat'l gov't based on what plan
virginia plan
who proposed the great compormise
roger sherman
the revolutionary war broughtinto focus the contradiction between the american battle for liberty adn the ----of------
practice of slavery
why did shays rebel
to protect farmers lands
framers of the consti got ideas for govt from the european writers of which movement
the ----spread the idea that -----, ----, and ----- could improve society.
enligthenment knowledge, reason, adn science
after the revolutionary war, the U.s. went through a---
john----- was an----- -----
locke english philosopher
what did state officials do to farmers if they couldnt par their state taxes
send them to jail/seize their lands
the--- of the --- followed the ideas of------, a ------writer.
framers consti montesquieu french
-----=sharing power between federal and state govts
who created the first anti slavery sociaety in 1775
the---gvt could----, regulate--- control---- raise an ------, and --- war.
federal tax trade currency army declare
states could----laws adn regulate---within their borders' could also establish----affecting the welfare of their----
enforce trade institutions citizens
the ----of the south had been built on slavery
plantation system
the first 3---- of the consti describe the powers adn responsibilities of each branch
legislative=----- - ------ executive= headed by -----judicial=------
law making, pres court systems
what did motesquieu write
the spirit of laws
which 2 people were active in the movement to reform the artiles of confederation
james madison, alexander hamilton
what did j locke write
two treatsies on govt
whose bill of rights provided a model for america
which plan called for a 2 house (bicameral) legistature, a cheif executive chosen by the legislatre and a court system?
virginia plan
who believed that all perople have right to life, liberty, and property
j locke
who indirectly elects the president
electoral college
----created citizens of the us
----was an ----philosopher and ------- was a french ----
j locke english montesquieu writer
to keep any one ----from gaining too much power, the ---built in a system of --- and ---- .
branches framers check balances
feds feared ------without a strong---govt, while anti feds feared the concentration of ----
disorder central power
which stare was first to ratify the consti
who gave speeches in virginia against the constitution
patrick henry
when was the bill of rights added
which state was last to ratify the consti
rhode island
was mercy otis warren a federaltist
no, anti
what ws a product of the "grand committee"
great compromise
shays rebvellion is a product of
angry farmers
which 2 states retained their colnial charter as a state consti (didnt ratify consti)
rhode is and n carlonia
the most distinctive feature of the us govt is the what
separation of powers
how can the president check congress
through vetoing
how did the north and south handle slavery similarities/differences
what are the 3 branches of govt and what are their responsibilities